Venues and Campus Facilities
Khayyam University / Venues and Campus Facilities
Auditoriums and Meeting Halls
The university has two main auditoriums which both together have 500 seats. These are venues for holding conferences, lectures, and other various socio-cultural events as well as intramural functions.

The Observatory
The observatory was officially inaugurated in 2010 coincident with the National Week of Astronomy. In the first year of its operation, student members of Astronomy Society of Khayyam University succeeded in capturing a solar eclipse and observing a stellar occultation.
The first lunar eclipse, occurring in the second decade of the new millennium, was recorded through the cooperative efforts of Student Astronomy Society, Department of Physics and the Computer Centre of the university.
In 2012, the transit of Venus was observed by the students of Astronomy Society. This astronomical observation was made possible through the coordination and exchange of data with Malaysia and Japan.
Aside from such research activities, the observatory holds training courses for enthusiastic students about the observation of heavenly bodies. Dr. Fatemeh Salehi, a faculty member of Physics Department, is in charge of the observatory and relevant training programs.
Students’ Scientific Societies, Cultural Centres and Formations
The university is home to 12 Scientific Societies, 5 Cultural Centres and one student Formation. These are involved in holding lectures, seminars, extracurricular courses, conducting national and cultural ceremonies as well as participating in relevant socio-political activities. The total space allocated to their activities is 180 square meters of partitioned area.
Prayer Halls
Each of the separate campuses of the university has its own prayer hall. The prayer hall on Campus no. 1 is 250 square meters which has been divided up to two 125 sq. m. partitioned sections for male and female students. The prayer hall on Campus no. 2 covers 160 square meters allotting 80 square meters for female and male students separately. The halls also host religious functions and ceremonies.

Cafeterias and Dining Halls
Campus no. 1 contains a dining hall of 620 square meters which also accommodates two separate coffeehouses. Similarly, campus no. 2 has a dining hall of about 250 sq. m.

The university provides residential quarters for only female students. There are two off-campus dormitories within walking distance of the main campuses. Dormitory no. 1 is a five-storied apartment building holding 40 rooms which can accommodate 176 residents. The building has a study hall, a T.V room and a prayer hall. Every floor has communal bathrooms and kitchen facilities. Every room has been fitted with beds and a refrigerator. The dorm also provides free Wifi and central heating and cooling systems. Residents can also benefit from the services of an on-call physician and consultant. Dormitory no. 2 is a four-storied apartment building containing 23 rooms which can house 160 students. It has the same facilities as the dorm no. 1.
Both dorms are fully safe and secure and constantly under the supervision of custodians and the administrative staff. Transport services are available to take residents to for a visit to Imam Reza Holy Shrine on Thursday evenings.
Athletic Facilities
University athletic complex covers an area of 1500 roofed court space suitable for various recreational and athletic activities. Indoors sports such as volley ball, futsal, badminton, table tennis, and basketball are played by students among others. We are proud to say that athletic teams of Khayyam University have won various competitions at international and domestic levels.

The central library on the main campus (campus no. 1) was opened when the university started its operation. The second branch of the library became operational after Faculty of Engineering and Basic Sciences were built on campus no. 2. Both libraries put together contain 25500 books 6500 of which are English sources and the rest Persian. There are also about 25000 electronic books available.