The Informatics Council
Khayyam University / The Informatics Council
The Informatics Council was formed in 2010. The council’s mission is to monitor and organize matters pertaining to the informatics of the university. The council is a subdivision of the university administration and aims to benefit from the collective intelligence and expertise of its members in order to realize its qualitative objectives and determine the general policy of the university.
The duties of the council are as follows:
1. Developing policies and plans about IT and supervising the computer centre;
2. Developing the standards for the preparation and utilization of software, hardware and contracts; designing and executing websites and ensuring the security of the university data;
3. Maintaining and upgrading the databases of the university and optimizing their activities in order to improve productivity and prevent the dissipation of resources;
4. Developing policies with the aim of facilitating the utilization of the latest equipment and updating of the present systems in order to improve faculty staff’s and students’ satisfaction;
5. Revising and refining plans and policies of the council and the computer center in order to improve the performance of the university IT-wise.
The members of the council are listed below:
1. Dr. Bahman Honary (President of Khayyam University and chairman of the council)
2. Prof. Rajabzadeh Moghaddam (Vice-Chancellor for Research)
3. Dr. Barati (Vice-Chancellor for Education)
4. Mr. Araghi (Vice-Chancellor for Financial Affairs)
5. Mr. Amoee (Vice-Chancellor for Students and Cultural Affairs)
6. Dr. Ghafarian (faculty member and head of computer department)
7. Mr. Sotoodefar (Secretary of the Council, and faculty member of computer department)
8. Mr. Rezaee (faculty member of computer department)