Key Responsibilities
Khayyam University / Key Responsibilities
1. Preparing and organizing the data retrieved from the students’ rating of their instructors which is conducted toward the end of every semester.
2. Processing the data and submitting assessment reports to the President of the university, Vice-chancellor of Academic Affairs, the respective heads of department and lecturers.
3. Revising, reviewing and archiving the rating reports. The reports will be later used in decisions about employment, promotion, and tenure of faculty members.
4. Arranging regular meetings with the members of the assessment council and the specialized committees throughout the year.
5. Updating the contract details of the faculty members in view of the annual assessments and ratings.
6. Handling students’ complaints, objections and appeals.
7. Responding to the faculty members’ requests about the rating procedure with a view to maintaining and boosting trust and confidence between them and the university administration.